Instant English for Kids Level 1

A revolutionary practical spoken English course that improves your children's pronunciation, accent, and enables them to speak English in no time.

The Only Spoken English Course Your Kids Need

Improves Fluency

Fluency allows you to communicate effectively and efficiently with other speakers of the language.

Improves Accent

Accent is important because it can impact how well a speaker is understood.

Improves Pronunciation

Pronunciation affects how accurately a listener can understand the words being conveyed.

Improves Spellings

The letter flashcards ensure clear and accurate communication in written language.

10 Colorful Books

These books are designed to enable your kids to speak everyday English fluently with the standard American accent.

Practical Oral Exercises

QR Codes for Videos

No Reading or Writing

560 Double-Sided Flashcards

560 double-sided flash cards improve your child's vocabulary, and keep their interest in learning English. Flashcards are an effective way to memorize information quickly and efficiently. By regularly reviewing English language flashcards, your kids can improve their ability to recall vocabulary, grammar rules, and other language concepts.

Redeemable Star Flashcards

Keep your children motivated with star redeemable star flashcards. Rewards can encourage children to engage in language learning activities, making them more willing to participate in lessons and practice speaking skills. By rewarding children for their efforts, they are more likely to be motivated to continue learning the language and to put in extra effort.

4 Card Stands

An effective tool for promoting natural communication in language learning. By using these stands, learners can engage in various exercises that encourage real-life communication in a natural way.

QR Codes

QR codes provide an easy and convenient way for learners to access videos that can help them improve their pronunciation and accent. By simply scanning the QR codes with their smartphone or tablet, learners can instantly access a videos that offer practical tips and techniques for improving their spoken language skills.

Soundwise App Access**

Exercise Instructions

Clear instructions on how to do every exercise effectively.

Correct Answers

To make sure you are on track, the app provides correct answers of all available exercises.

Pronunciation and Accent Improvement tips

Correct pronunciation and accent are the heart and soul of a language. The app provides you the pronunciation of all words included in the flashcards along with accent improvement tips.

1 Year Access to the App Included

Your purchase comes with a full 1 year access to the Soundwise app which includes the course content.

A Variety of Flashcards

Instant English for Kids Level 1

What's Included?

  • 10 Books of Instant English for Kids Level 1
  • 560 Double-sided Flashcards
  • Some Redeemable Star Flashcards
  • 4 Cards Stands
  • 1 Year Access To The Soundwise Mobile App
  • Some Sweets
  • Free Test for 2 Kids
  • Free E-Certificate for 2 Kids

Cash On Delivery


*Free Test for 2 Kids Only

*Free E-Certificate for 2 Kids Only

**1 year access to course instructions on the Soundwise App